The First Post

So this will be my first blog post. I used to be much more active on them, but I think like a lot of card collector’s, you get a little card fatigue and you have to move on to a different activity for a little bit. The reason I’m creating this blog is really to talk about sport cards in general. Specifically, when I open a brand new box up, what is the true value of the box break after you remove the “Dinged Corner” cards. I have a website,, where I sell only mint cards (no dinged corners). I guarantee them to be mint and if you don’t like the card, all you have to do is send it back for a 100% guarantee, no questions asked. The site is really there for people to complete sets or just looking for cards you cant find on eBay because it takes too much time to list every card and a corresponding picture to go with each one. I’m sure there is an easier way, but paying those eBay fees add up as well. The best part for me is opening up a box, going through it, putting it in order, and then putting it on my site. I’ve taken it a step further: once I take out the dinged corners, I add up what is left of the mint cards and what I will sell them for. I like to do this is to see what the box is “REALLY” worth. People on eBay, I use them because its probably the most popular to buy cards from, I believe are unrealistic on the prices of some boxes. It becomes a bit like gambling because of the prospect of grading that one valuable card in the set and getting that magical 10 grade. That’s unrealistic because there are just so few out there. The next post I will talk about is on a box or number of boxes that I opened and what I found. Stay tuned and if you have any questions or comments in the meantime (like what should we discuss), just let me know as I am always looking for feedback.