1992 – 93 Ultra Basketball series 2 Box break review

So, this will be my first official review of a box break/opening/determination. I’m starting with this particular box because its the most I have done out of a single set. I opened up a total of 10 boxes that I purchased from eBay for a variety of different prices from different people. From now on, I will have to be more diligent in labeling each box with the price I bought it for and the number as I sometimes buy multiple boxes from the same person. So as I spoke about before, I look at all four corners to make sure that there are no ding corners or creases. If I also see other manufacturing defects, I will remove those cards as well (cards with edging issues might get by). What you have left is what I consider mint cards. I then put these cards up for sale on my site and market them as mint and if you’re not satisfied, you get a 100% money back. Now back to the stats and away we go:

Box 1: 75% dead, $10.73
Box 2: 65% dead, $28.84
Box 3: 42%^dead, $40.60
Box 4: 72% dead, $21.81
Box 5: 65% dead, $10.00
Box 6: 69% dead, $28.50
Box 7: 72% dead, $29.42
Box 8: 83% dead, $14.36
Box 9: 49% dead, $28.48
Box 10: 68% dead, $19.05
Average 66% dead, $23.18 average net gain at 70% Beckett rate at mint.

As you can see, these are not good numbers. I averaged 3 Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards/box; got an All-Rookie Shaq 1 in 5; only got two Shaq rejector cards. The problem was that in these boxes, the inserts were always damaged. It wasn’t always even dinged corners. It was more creases from the manufacturing process that left the face with defects and marks. Of the Shaq’s I did get, I only “kept” 1 regular rookie per box as the other two were generally damaged and of the All-Rookies, I only kept one Shaq. Luckily, the Shaq rejector was good. The value of the boxes comes from the Shaq rookie cards. If you get a 9 or lower grade, you’ll lose money from doing the grading. Looking back on what I spent on the boxes: I bought 6 boxes from one buyer at $19.85/box; a second box I got at $15.50; another one at $25.50 (ouch, probably the first one I bought); then the others I could not find. I have another 4 boxes and 3 cello boxes that I can break, but I just needed to move onto something else for a bit because it gets a little boring, especially with the crappy numbers. Let me know your thoughts!!